We need the following items before a child can be enrolled.

  • Enrollment Agreement
  • Child Application Form
  • Pick-Up Policy
  • Emergency Information Form
  • Consent for child’s Emergency Medical & Dental
  • Special Consent Forms
  • Authorization Forms
  • Complete medical & shot record/immunization
  • One-time Registration Fee


Kingdom Kids is open from 7:00am—6:00pm.  Monday — Friday

Each morning you are required to sign your child in and during pickup, you are required to sign him or her out. We will release children to their parents or guardians with legal custody. We will also make an exception in the case of an emergency for others to pick up your child. Each person must be over the age of 18 and have state issued identification. They must be designated by you on the Emergency Contact and Child Release Authorization form or you may submit a letter at the time of pick up. Please do not bring your child after 10 am.

To prepare for fire, severe weather or disaster evacuation, we have regular drills and practices so your child can react in a safe and orderly manner. If an actual emergency requires evacuation of our center, we will notify you as soon as the children are safe

Your child will have playtime each day, indoors and outdoors. We will also make time for your child to explore activities and exercise their curiosity through engaging themes that will change from month to month.

Kingdom Kids will introduce learning through a series of projects such as; using blocks, balls, paints, and puppets etc. This will encourage investigation of specific topics over time.

Do not be disappointed if your child cries or seems unsure the first day or the first few weeks: adjustments may take time. In order to make the transition easier, it’s important that the parent does not linger too long when dropping off their child. Please, just reassure your child that they will see you again.

We have a wide variety of toys, and recommend that you do not allow your child to bring his or her toys from home except for a teacher request  for occasional Show and Tell times.