In 1977 Joyce & Loyce Abbey, identical twin sisters (Married brothers) along with their families opened a school named Abbey’s Whee Whittle World at 1212 Madison, Maywood, Illinois.  In 1978 a church was also birthed on the site by the family as well.  In about three years a second Day care and church was planted and named Tender Care Early Learning on 9th avenue and the twins will work together in different locations. Abbey’s Whee Whittle World changed its name to Brotherly Love Day Care.  In February of 1989 construction began at 1212 Madison location to enlarge the DayCareCenter and was finished in April of that same year. 


In 1994 the school moves to a larger facility in Bellwood, IL and changes its name to MECA   Christian Academy that would expand the preschool to 8th grade.  God’s House of Brotherly Love Church remained at1212 Madison. 

After the Death of Bishop Howard O Abbey, the twin sisters would come together again merging their two churches requesting the leadership of (Son-In-Law and Daughter of Joyce) Pastors Victor and Gayla Walker and their church New Kingdom Christian Center. The 1212 Madison location sponsored after School tutoring programs, computer classes and Summer Camp, under the name, Kingdom Kids. 

In the spring of 2009 when the New Kingdom Christian Center Church had six mom’s expecting, God gave vision for Infant Care, preschool and kindergarten program was given to the pastors Victor and Gayla Walker once again and the legacy continue to expand.  After much work received their DCFS licensing permit in December of that same year.   New Kingdom Christian Center Church purchases new property in Bellwood at

4517 St Charles Rd. where a school.  The second location will also continue the vision of the legacy of school and church.